Investment solutions

We seek to finance, and work exclusively with, qualified entrepreneurs who possess a unique value proposition and can demonstrate the rare skills sets required to build a successful enterprise from the ground up. The individuals we partner with must be willing to make hard choices and put skin in the game. The opportunities we select must be imminently commercially viable and inherently scalable. The Tall Greens team will offer its full support in all phases of the business’s development from beta to full scale rollout.

Strategy design

For successful small businesses ready to make the transition to becoming full-fledged, publicly-traded companies, Tall Greens has the financial resources, bandwidth and expertise necessary to ensure an expedient and cost-effective ‘go-public’ outcome either through a reverse merger or via S-1 registration. Regardless of the preferred platform, the process of going public requires significant planning, deal structuring and regulatory analysis prior to the actual public event.

Financial integration

Tall Greens provides customized equity and debt funding for publicly-traded companies through a range of flexible and innovative structured and direct investments, which include: Equity Line Facilities (ELF), Stock Purchase Agreements (SPA), At-The-Market-Offerings (ATM), Convertible Debentures or Preferred Stock, Equity-Linked Promissory Notes, Bridge Loans, Purchase Order, Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Complete analytics

Tall Greens has been an activist, principal investor within the legalized cannabis sector. The size and scope of our legalized cannabis investments are dependent upon the target company’s size, growth rate, opportunities and the associated risk.