By clicking the check box following this notice and continuing with the application process, you understand and agree that you are authorizing Elvion Bank, Member FDIC, and LoanClub Corporation (“LoanClub”) to each obtain consumer reports and related information about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

You also authorize Elvion Bank and LoanClub to verify information in your application, and you agree that Elvion Bank or LoanClub may contact third parties to verify any such information.

Elvion Bank or LoanClub may use your consumer reports to authenticate your identity, to make credit decisions, to administer the resale of Member Payment Dependent Notes (“MPDNs”) associated with your loan, which process is described here, and for related purposes. You direct Elvion Bank and LoanClub to provide on your behalf certain elements of your application, as well as consumer report information, but not including your name, to users of the website who are registered as investor members (“Investor Members”) to use this information in making decisions whether to commit funds to purchase MPDNs. Such Investor Member decisions, in turn, may assist Elvion Bank in making decisions related to your loan. You also authorize LoanClub to provide such information to Investor Members in connection with the resale of MPDNs associated with your loan.

You authorize Elvion Bank and LoanClub to obtain consumer reports each time you request a loan, during the processing or closing of a loan to you, or at various times during the term of your loan in connection with the servicing, monitoring, collection or enforcement of the loan or the resale or potential resale of any MPDNs associated with the loan. You authorize and agree that Elvion Bank or LoanClub may transfer or otherwise provide your credit report or any information contained therein to any successor-in-interest of Elvion Bank or LoanClub or any purchaser of your issued loan, whether in whole or in part.

Checking your rate and reviewing loan offers on the LoanClub website will not affect your credit; it will result in a soft credit inquiry which is only visible to you. If you receive a loan through LoanClub, then a hard inquiry that may affect your credit score will appear on your credit report after you receive that loan. Additional reporting will be made to credit reporting agencies during the application process to confirm you continue to meet credit criteria and to prevent potential fraudulent activities.