Our Story

About Us

Founded in 2014 in Southfield, Michigan, Tall Greens is a vehicle for capital-efficient ventures in and management of emerging cannabis biotechnology opportunities. Formed by a syndicate of top-tier venture capitalists and supported by a consortium of world-class industry leaders, Tall Greens identifies, evaluates, finances, and manages the commercialization of technologies and assets sourced from a broad range of proprietary sources. Tall Greens provides a unique set of start-up resources, the sum of which provide a complete business, scientific, and financial toolkit necessary for running an early-stage startup company. Our array of resources nurtures our companies and their employees at all stages and in all facets of development, thereby providing them with the greatest chance of long-term success. Among these key resources are committed capital, experienced startup management, world-class scientific expertise, and state of the art laboratory resources.

Tall Greens provides this unprecedented collection of resources by establishing partnerships between top-tier capital partners, seasoned executive management, and several world class research organizations, all of whom have experience in transforming a great idea into a viable commercial product. By lending their expertise to Tall Greens portfolio companies, these industry leaders provide critical knowledge and resources that can help streamline the development and commercialization of novel cannabis related technologies and influence the rapidly evolving future of medicine and healthcare.
In addition to proprietary pipeline of anchor capital partners and strategic stakeholders, Tall Greens maintains access to leading global technologies and commercial opportunities developed at research organizations, biotech and scientific companies around the world. The winning formula has allowed Tall Greens to channel venture capital and unprecedented ground-up support to the most compelling startup opportunities.

TGI Focus

Led by an executive team with deep understanding of the industry, financing, and legal insight necessary to build growing concerns in a burgeoning Michigan cannabis market. The team is set to incubate and nurture the second largest legal cannabis market in the country - including financial participation, management oversight, advisory services, financial services, and licensing. In addition to the financial support necessary to build and grow the Michigan cannabis market, TGI lends industry expertise and business support necessary to turbo charge operations and clear a path to profitability.

TGI Strategy

TGI will provide capital in 12 companies over a 3 – 5 year startup lifecycle. Capitalization will be in three licensed segments of the industry (cultivation, processing, and dispensing) including software, security, branded products and agri-business opportunities. The Company seeks to enter the market with strategic investment with four majority owned assets and eight minority positions. Capitalization will be done with a multi-class structure including a retiring preferred series, common stock peri-pursue with the Principals as well as possible debt or banking assistance. TGI will validate market opportunities with a bottom-up analysis of the businesses, adherence to a like-minded financial strategy (included but not limited to use of proceeds and exit strategy), and subject to validation by the Industry Advisory Board and TGI-Michigan Fund Board approval.